Dining Tables

Our tables have been designed with functionality in mind, & a clean modern look to suit any style. They can easily fit eight people with four either side, or ten with two at each end. They also work well end to end “banquet style” with four-five each side. The legs detach from the sleek European birch tops for easy handling and transport

We’ve put a lot of thought in to how our tables work. Slim steel legs ensure no one is caught uncomfortably straddling a bulky table leg. The extra width allows for larger centre pieces and more space for the ever popular banquet buffet on the table.

17 available

$45.00 INC GST

Measurements - 2440 L x 950 W

Match with our bench seats combination - 1x table & 2x bench seats is $90.00 INCL GST (please note if booking online, you need to add each item and we will update pricing manually later)

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